Another step towards making archaeology relevant to conservation ecology in Brazil


The Brazilian Zooarch Database (ZooarchBR), the first collaborative and open-access zooarchaeological database in Brazil, published in the Neotropical Zooarchaeology Issue of the Revista de Arqueologia, is now integrated with the Sistema de Informação sobre a Biodiversidade Brasileira (SiBBr) and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). This initiative was coordinated by Thiago Fossile, Jessica Ferreira, and André Carlo Colonese. ZooarchBR presents a comprehensive database showcasing the rich archaeological fauna of Brazil, and it is available here. With the vision of expanding the faunal records from Brazilian archaeological sites, ZooarchBR aims to deepen our understanding of the fauna diversity that inhabited Brazil throughout history. The integration of ZooarchBR with SiBBr and GBIF provides support for governmental management related to conservation and sustainable use.