Archaeological sites offer a unique educational experience for children


Exploring the Ocean’s Rich History: Unveiling the Secrets of Garopaba’s Archaeological Sites

Step into a world where history and nature intertwine on the southern coast of Brazil. On April 23rd, families and children embarked on an enthralling journey to the archaeological sites of Garopaba. This captivating expedition, executed for Trilhas de Criança and coordinated by Lesly Monrat, which occurred in collaboration with PhD Thiago Fossile, aimed to create lasting memories and foster cultural exchange through engaging activities.

The day-long excursion immersed young participants in workshops focused on lithic artifacts. As they explored the sites where the sambaqui people crafted ancient stone tools, their imaginations soared, envisioning the skill and craftsmanship behind these tools that ensured survival in times long past. But the true wonder of the sambaqui site lay beneath their feet—a shell mound revealing a place of diverse rituals and everyday activities. It was a thought-provoking realization for everyone involved.

To enhance the experience, each child and their family received a special gift—a meticulously crafted Zooarchaeology book. Thiago Fossile, Juliano Luerdes, and Tom Gonçalves joined forces to produce this imaginative and informative journey into the fauna found within sambaquis. Supported by the TRADITION Project, the book is available for free download, inviting readers to explore the fascinating world of zooarchaeology. To learn more, visit

The event unfolded at Praia da Ferrugem, where participants embarked on an unforgettable trail, etching memories that will endure for years to come.

The visit to Garopaba’s archaeological sites has had an indelible impact on the lives of the children and their families. It serves as a testament to the importance of preserving our heritage and nurturing a deep connection with nature and regional history.

This exceptional initiative, brought to life by “Trilhas de Criança” together with the presence of the booklet “Zooarqueologia – Fauna em Sambaquis,” has garnered recognition for its cultural significance. Both projects were honored with the Prêmio Elisabete Anderle de Apoio à Cultura – Edição 2022, made possible by the Government of the State of Santa Catarina through the Fundação Catarinense da Cultura.

Source: Video and photos provided by Trilhas de Criança and Terra Filmes