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Brazilian Zooarch Database


The Brazilian Zooarch Database (ZooarchBR) is the first collaborative and open access zooarchaeological database in Brazil, where the user can view and contribute by entering new data to expand the faunal records in archaeological sites of the country. Currently, ZooarchBR comprises 71 publications produced from 1975 to 2022 that resulted in 366 species from 374 archaeological sites. To date, all data are from the southern coast of Brazil. Indices of species richness and abundance were generated using published data. Additionally, the database allows for the characterization of the cultural context in which a specimen was found. In this article, we show the possibilities of using ZooarchBR for Archaeology and Conservation Biology.

This innovative initiative was coordinated by Thiago Fossile, Jessica Ferreira, and André Carlo Colonese, all members of the ERC TRADITION project. ZooarchBR presents a comprehensive database showcasing the rich archaeological fauna of Brazil, and it is available here. With the vision of expanding the faunal records from Brazilian archaeological sites, ZooarchBR aims to deepen our understanding of the diverse animal life that inhabited these lands throughout history.