Dissemination events and outreach

Marine Historical Ecology Webinars


In 2020 and early 2021 we launched six free online webinars on Marine Historical Ecology to disseminate research in this ever-growing field to the general public and the broader scientific community. These provided a unique and enriching experience to the hundreds of people that attended the events, and to us as organizers. We had the pleasure to hear from Jon Erlandson (University of Oregon), Camilla Speller (University of British Columbia), Loren McClenachan (Colby College), Cristina Brito (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), Oliver Craig (University of York), James Scourse (University of Exeter), David Orton (University of York), and Canan Çakirlar (University of Groningen). Each speaker shared their inspiring work on coastal and ocean areas around the world, while discussing the latest developments in the field, and how the integration of archaeology, marine biology, history and anthropology can offer incredible insights into past ocean and costal socio-ecological systems that are relevant to current conservation debates and actions. We would like to thank all of you that attended the webinars from all around the world, and our speakers for sharing their experience with us.