Dissemination events and outreach

TRADITION at the 22nd Conference of Sociedade de Arqueologia Brasileira (SAB)


Members of the team presented the latest results of TRADITION at the 22nd conference of SAB, which was held in Florianopolis from November 13 to 17, 2023. Over 500 archaeologists from Brazil and South America attended the event. Our team organized a session entitled “Advances in Molecular Archaeology in Brazil,” which featured presentations by Oliver Craig, Andre Colonese, Rafael Milheira, Flavio Calippo, Thiago Fossile, Marjolein Admiraal, Alice di Muro, and Krista McGrath. It was a great success, and we also had the opportunity to visit the amazing beaches and learn more about the wonderful animal and plant diversity of the place.

Some of the papers presented by the team have already been published this year, and others are coming soon. Stay tuned!